Athens is a huge city with a perfect blend of Mediterranean, ancient and urban. This guide will help you answer the question: “Where to stay in Athens?” and show you the best hotel!

Where to stay in Athens?

Some of the best areas in Athens are Monastiraki, Plaka, Koukaki, Kolonaki, Syntagma, and Psirri. Yet, the accommodation and dining might not be from a budget side in these areas. However, if you research well enough and long enough, you may find something reasonable. Nevertheless, I suggest you choose neighborhoods that are a bit further from the city center, but way more affordable, peaceful, and safer.

For example, the Kipseli area is voted as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world, at least according to “Time Out”. So instead of wandering around the city center all the time, we decided to explore the wider area. The Kipseli area sounded like a great idea because that is an artistic part of Athens. Thus, we decided to give it a try!

Kipseli area and probably the best hotel in Athens

Kipseli area is indeed one of the best places to stay in Athens if you are a tourist, but also a local. It is a historical area, very close to the city center with only 15 to 20 or max 30 minutes of walking to reach it. Also, there are many buses and trolleys that can take you to the city center of Athens within a few minutes. On top of that, there are many shops with generally better prices than the ones in the city center and classic touristic areas.

The best hotel in Athens

The Athens Panorama Project was our choice to overnight on our last night in Athens. Why? Well, it is a brand-new type of experience and accommodations called serviced apartments hotel. It is something I have never seen before in my 10 years of education and work in the hospitality and tourism industry. This hotel open its doors in June, in turbulent 2020.

The location was easy, right opposite the Evelpidon Court complex and the park. What caught my eye was the pool on the 7th floor and the panoramic view of the Parthenon, Lycabettus Hill, Acropolis, and the Saronic gulf. We weren’t thinking further!

Before booking our suite – yes, you are booking your suite inside the hotel, not a room – we could explore all the accommodation types through their 360 ο virtual tour videos! I thought that was a perfect and modern way to see what we are dealing with here and what will be our choice!

In the end, we overnight in Acropolis View Suite, a spacious, brand-new maisonette. Well, the whole complex consists of 54 fully equipped maisonettes and suites that are quite large – from 32 m2 to 80 m2

What is also great, Athens Panorama Project has rooms suitable for guests who have disabilities! Luckily, we are not that kind of guests, but it is great to know all the possibilities that your hotel offers!

Anyway, this was our suite…

My first impression was: “Wow!”
Like literally, I fell on my knees. Our suite looked like it was made yesterday and we were the first guests in it! It was that new and modern! I noticed we also have a kitchen, which was quite unique and very interesting, specially made for this complex – Athens Panorama Project. I was blown away! Like, have you ever made pancakes inside the hotel? Or made yourself your own dinner in the oven? Well, in APP we could do all that!

But of course, we didn’t. We were tired and we decided to buy already made meals downstairs, next door to the hotel. As I understood, in their store with basically anything you need – from food, hygienic things, clothes, fresh fruit, veggies, sweets – you name it!

I also notice that every door is opening in a futuristic way, but the way that is much safer than traditional locks or contactless cards that many people lose. Their smart technology electronic safety lock helps each guest unlock the door by typing a unique code! Do not worry, the receptionist will write down the code for you so you do not lose it!

Since Athens Panorama Project is a very modern made hotel, they also have 24-hour reception together with concierge services. They also have private transfers from port or airport so no need for taxis.

In the suite, you will have high-speed 5G internet, but also a wake-up call if you need it. Laundry and dry clean services too. You can also rent a motorbike, car, or bike rental and my favorite – FREE PARKING!

Finding a parking spot in Athens can be such a pain. But if you choose this hotel, you are saved from losing a bunch of time and extra money. I also loved the smart satellite TV and NETFLIX! Yep, you can watch Netflix for free in your suite. How awesome is that? So of course we relaxed before falling asleep and watched two David Attenborough movie documentaries in HD! I must say, the mattress is super comfy, we slept like babies! I would definitely say that Athens Panorama Project is the best hotel in Athens. If you are looking for where to stay in the Greek capital, look no further!

Later we noticed some extra possibilities for discounts such as Loyalty club options to get exclusive offers. Also, the 10% discount if you make your reservations through your mobile device!

Final words

All in all, if you want to save some cash on crazy expensive hotels, but still experience a modern, clean and beautiful hotel, choose Athens Panorama Project! I do not recommend this hotel because we stayed there, but because my boyfriend and I really liked our stay there. We had nothing to say bad about it. And the rooftop pool only added extra points on top of all that we experienced here!

Athens Panorama project is really a unique experience, like no other. I have never seen something similar, and I must say I love this concept. You know, not many people like to dine in with everyone, in a restaurant, buffet. Many people like to dine in privacy, in their own space, alone or only with their better half, friends, family. And in this hotel, you can do all that!

Again, if you are looking for where to stay in Athens, the Kipseli area, and Athens Panorama Project as the best hotel in Athens, is my warmest recommendation! Trust me, you will fall in love with it just like we did! Yasu!

Visit Athens Panorama Project and book your own experience or visit their Instagram page:

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