We were looking for an amazing Cafe del Mar in San Antoni on Ibiza island. Here’s what happened…

Cafe del Mar people crowds on the shroe watching at the sunset

Café del Mar, literally translated as a “Sea Café” in Spanish, is an amazing bar located in Ibiza, Sant Antoni de Portmany. The bar is established in 1980. Apart from being an amazing “Sea Cafe”, this bar is quite famous all around the world for its mesmerizing sounds (especially amongst people who love electronic/ambient and chillout music) and sunsets.


In short – its position. Cafe del Mar has one of the best positions on the entire island to observe the sunset. Besides, it is labelled as the original and best sunset bar on Ibiza.

Sunset view on Ibiza

In Cafe del Mar, you can sit by the shore, admire the amazing sunsets and soak the chill ambient as well as the eclectic vibes from the DJ in the bar. Everything sounds better in Cafe del Mar.

Moreover, in 1999, the bar founded the record label called Café del Mar Music. This means that everyone could listen to Cafe del Mar eclectic vibes from their series of chillout CD’s, anywhere in the world!

Ibiza Cafe del Mar Google map
A photo taken from Google Maps showing the Cafe del Mar location

Thus, I am not going to lie. I loved listening to Cafe del Mar CD compilations in Solin, Amsterdam, on Crete island

But I wanted to experience their music on the exact location, no matter how over popular has become. I love hidden gems and remote places. But I also like to see some popular places and find out by myself why they are so popular.

Ibiza beach in front of Cafe del Mar

October 2020 was covid time, so my friend and I had the advantage to enjoy fewer crowds. Bummer! We only saw closed doors. Despite the fact that a few people told me about the possible scenario, still, I decided to go and to see at least that spectacular sunset.

This was the result:

A girl on Ibiza during the sunset
Sunset time on Ibiza
A sunset time on the sea

I know, I know…. it could have been better, but I could also drink a cocktail in Cafe del Mar next to the shore with some epic sounds – but I didn’t.

Instead, my friend and I walked next to the shore, listened to some music along the way and enjoyed the stunning views. It was that stunning, that I took photos when the sun was already down.

Forgive me. I’ll be back for some more. Much more spectacular, because, nature never disappoints…

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