Discover why is meditation more important than exercising

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The truth is – both are equally important. Congratulations, you clicked on my very first clickbait headline. I hope you are not mad because this article will make you laugh and teach you something as well! 🙂

To begin with, many people still avoid meditation, as they usually say, meditation is “boring”. In this article you will find my honest experience about my first meditation class ever and how did it affect me. Perhaps you will start meditating in this way too!


Well, my first class of meditation wasn’t boring at all. My dear Macedonian friend convinced me to try Buddhist Meditation in the Shambhala centre in Amsterdam. Classes were free and I desperately needed to calm my hyperactivity down.

Since it was my first class of meditation ever, I was placed in a small room with the rest of the rookies. The purpose was learning the basics of meditation as well as MEDITATION WITH OPEN EYES how Tibetan Buddhists practice it plus saying few sentences about ourselves so we can meet with others. It all went well for the first few minutes.⠀

The next 50 minutes I was being half absent as I had to put all my force to actually hold my farts. Yep, I needed to fart badly. Not that those lovely people would have minded at all, but I simply couldn’t fart and I still can’t fart in front of new people. It takes some time until you hear me speaking from that hole too.

Funny story to the side, I continued my classes and I ended up practising meditation at my home much often than I did before. I was meditating from an early age, but I never took any classes until I was 24 years old and living in Amsterdam. Today, meditation helps me stay focused, healthy, balanced and most importantly – calm.

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The whole idea of this kind of meditation is to practice calmness in a natural state of being – with open eyes. The goal of this kind of meditation is to take that calmness with you. To your work, to your school, between the crowds… That is the main reason why you are practising it with open eyes. It may be hard or weird in the beginning but practice makes perfect!


As has been noted in the beginning, if you ask me, both meditating and exercising is equally important for a healthy mind and body. Some people like meditating more than exercising and vice versa.

Some do not like any of the mentioned activities. As far as I can tell, both activities will give your well-being enormous benefits and you shall do them both – whenever you can.

I’m curious…⠀
Do you meditate? When did you start meditating? Have you ever went to some classes? Feel free to share some other interesting ways of meditation besides Buddhist meditation! ⠀

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