Many people immediately think of Cafe del Mar on Ibiza when they hear about this magical island in Spain. However, there are tons of other special places all over the island.

I can guarantee you about the previous statement because I visited Ibiza in October last year. I’ve had a blast exploring unexplored and remote corners. In silence, just me and the Ibizan nature.

A few weeks after, I met Aida via Instagram. We chit-chatted and it turned out that Aida was living on Ibiza for a few months! Of course, I decided to ask her to share her tips and tricks about this incredible island in the Balearic sea. Read on to discover all the must-visit places and many information about life on Ibiza!

1. Hi, how are you! 🙂 Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Aida, and I’m 22. I live in Tarragona, Catalonia. I currently work in a casino, although now with the pandemic I am at home.

Tarragona coast in Spain
Tarragona, Unsplash @ismallanes

2. Where exactly and how long were you living on Ibiza?

I was approximately one summer season, 6-7 months, in San Antonio, in urbanization.

3. Why did you moved to Ibiza? Do you think it was a smart move and why do you think it was (or why not if it was not)?

I moved to Ibiza because my ex-partner lived there, and he told me it was a good opportunity to change of scene, and so I did. I do not regret anything, I take a super nice experience with me.

4. What do you think, what are the disadvantages and what are the advantages of living on Ibiza? Did you like living on the island?

Disadvantages of living on the island: I am used to being able to travel without taking a plane, I can take a train and go to France for example, at the end the route is the same. But on Ibiza the opportunity to do routes by car and mobilize far is null.

Advantages: you always meet new people, the gastronomy is incredible, and maybe the resident discounts for the clubs hahaha. The island is wonderful, I love living on it, today I have friends there, and whenever I want I can go there.

5. Is Ibiza expensive to live as much as it is to visit in the high season? What are your tips for saving money on Ibiza for one low-budget traveller? 

Ibiza is more expensive to live than to spend the summer, rents and purchases there are skyrocketing, a rental of a room in high season is maybe 2000 euros. For a low budget trip, I recommend travelling in groups of 5 or more and enjoying a good Airbnb.

6. I noticed many foreign people living on Ibiza. Is it true that there are many foreign nationalities living all over the island and why do you think that is the reason? 

Yes, it is true, foreign people are very inhabited on the island since it is an island almost made for tourism, they need many people who speak languages ​​to attend all the travelling people, and it is true that salaries in high season are very high, although work shifts are very hard, people take advantage of making money.

7. Would you recommend to move on Ibiza, what tip for living there would you share and what tips for those who want to just visit it?

If you want to live there all year round…the truth is that it is complicated, although not impossible, especially the residence, which is essential and has advantages. And whoever wants to visit it, take it easy, that Ibiza has much more than a party, it has incredible corners.

8. Can you give any recommendations on where to eat (if covid allows us in the future) and which activities some future travellers should not miss?

If you travel in high season, surely one of my favourite places is open, in the bay of San Antonio, Kumharas, an incredible open-air tower-shaped bar where you can have a drink and enjoy privileged views of the sunset.

9. Tell us at least 5 or more best places to visit on Ibiza and at least one hidden gem! 🙂 

You can’t leave the island without seeing…

Cafe del Mar

Sunset at Cafe del Mar

Parque natural de es salines


Benirrás beach sunset view with many boats

Hippy market


My hidden gem is – Portixol

10. Tell us about Es Vedra. Is it really a magnetic island, are really some stories and legends true and which one are? 

Es Vedrà is wrapped in myths and legends. The most famous is that it is the third most magnetic point on earth (after the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle).

Although there is no evidence to prove it, many claim that navigation instruments are affected in the vicinity of Es Vedrà. But, those are legends.

11. Fun fact or interesting fact about Ibiza?

Ibiza was a key battlefield against European pirates of the Middle Ages.

Find Aida and her partner on their Instagram page and enjoy their gallery: @flymodespain

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