What is the meaning of anxiety and an anxiety disorder? How to recognize it and how to treat it?

The simple meaning of anxiety is an emotional reaction to stress. If experienced sometimes, anxiety is not so dangers and can actually help us to prepare and to pay attention. We are all anxious from time to time and that is completely ‘normal’ (whatever that ‘normal’ word might mean).

Anxiety meaning the guys holds his head

However, anxiety disorders develop when normal feelings of nervousness or anxiousness become more often and bigger, such as regular fear or anxiety. Today, with the fast life we live in and the number of increased stressors out there, being anxious is perhaps everyday happening for most of us. Actually, for one-fifth of the overall population.

No wonder how anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders. These type of disorders affect nearly 30% of adults at some point in their lives. Luckily for us, they are treatable. There are many effective treatments that can help us with our anxiety to live (again that word) ‘normal’ and productive lives.

However, many of the treatments include pharmaceutical drugs that on the other hand, have many side effects. Some side effects might even be deadly for us.


Okay, hear me out. I am not a professional or a doctor so everything I say here is written only from my experience and experience from the people around me.

I realized I have a mental disorder when I was a teenager although I thought I have it for many years before my realization. But that was OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and since this is not today’s topic, I’ll leave it for another blog post in the upcoming days. However, 3 years ago I realized I have more mental problems. Those were two kinds of anxiety disorders: generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

The very first time I got my great panic disorder, I thought I am experiencing a heart attack. I was alone in Amsterdam in my studio, trying to call a cab and take myself to the nearest hospital. There were people in the waiting room and I was asked to be seated while waiting for my turn. Of course, I was panicking even more and I started crying because I thought I will die miserably – alone and in the waiting room of a bloody hospital. The meaning of my anxiety was getting bigger and bigger.

When my turn finally came, I realized I was just fine. I felt relief that it wasn’t a heart attack. That night, at the age of 25, I realized I was having a panic attack. Basically, I sad ‘hi’ to one more mental disorder. The realization of a generalized anxiety disorder came all of a sudden when I finally sorted everything out in my head. It was all connected and the most important part was – I knew why and from where did it come from. That was the key.


I learned what is an anxiety disorder and how to treat it via the internet. However, doctors help me to conclude my doubts. I also did some mental tests via the internet to triple confirm. So here are some of the ways that can help you find out which mental disorder are we having:

  1. Talk to your doctor/psychologist
  2. Take a mental health test
  3. Talk to your close ones
  4. Talk to yourself
  5. Research


  • Nervousness, restless, tense
  • Often feeling danger, doom or panic
  • Rapidly breathing (hyperventilation)
  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Feeling tired and week
  • Trouble thinking or concentrating on anything other than the present worry.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t like to use the word ‘suffering’ next to a mental disorder because I strongly believe we all can benefit from our mental disorders as long as we stir ourselves in the right direction. And of course, if our condition is not that extreme.


CBD oil can help you with anxiety just like it helped me!

I was always trying to live at least a bit healthier. So instead of treating my anxiety and panic disorder with drugs or expensive psychologists, I decided to help myself and my conditions in a natural way. I googled a lot and two things stuck to my mind from all the information I received those days:


In fact, I knew about cannabis a lot at that time but of course, there is always a place for more. So I started researching a lot. I also received a CBD oil from my friend who actually grows and produces hemp within his company. I was taking it every day under my tongue, 2 to 5 drops, 2x a day. I spent the next few months like that and months turned into years.

CBD Hemp

I also started going to meditation classes, actually, to a Tibetan Buddhist meditation centre in Amsterdam. On top of all, I started eating a lot healthier, like never before. I quit eating meat (I ate rarely seafood), processed food and sugars. I knew that nutrients are the most important for the brain chemicals in my brain and my body as well.

I realized that I have to do a mixture of things to start feeling better so my perception can change as well. Besides, I also did some self-healing processes that were connected with my personal issues and traumas I experienced recently in my life but also in my childhood.

The big part of getting better was time on my own when I needed it but also time with my loved ones. I occupied my mind at that time like never before, which was also the key fact in getting better.


Little by little, I felt better and better. I cannot say that only CBD oil helped me. I can only say I felt better with all my conditions each time I used CBD oil regularly. But also I felt a lot better because of the mixture of all the mentioned things above. There is no such thing as an elixir. So CBD oil cannot help you by itself. It is you who have to make some effort to make it happen!

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