The kindest treehouses from now on can be found in Rastoke, near Plitvice Lakes, in beautiful Croatia. A great initiative of a Croatian girl on the kindest eco-retreat in the world will blow your mind!

Ok, it is true. Treehouses are not something new. The concept exists probably ever since we are born. But not everyone did it this way, this big, with such an enormous enthusiasm and love for the planet. This fast-growing trend will allow you to escape the reality we know and provide you with a new perspective on nature. Embark on a different concept of traveling and fall in love with Tree Elements – the kindest treehouses in Croatia, probably even in the world!


Sustainable traveling vs. Mass tourism

Mass tourism is hopefully a thing of the past! Overly crowded destinations with tons of plastic and other trash should not exist anymore. The harm is done, both to nature and ourselves. And healing is the only way for a better tomorrow. Together, we can protect this planet, but we all shall involve by joining the responsible travel movement. Equally, tourism must be maintained without harming natural and cultural environments. By traveling sustainably we could minimize the negative impacts of tourism. On the other hand, tourism can still be beneficial to the area in which it takes place.

Luckily, new concepts of travel are being born. Imagine an eco-environmentally aware & kind to people retreat where you can rest your mind and soul, recharge, and get out as a better person! All that is waiting for you in these epic treehouses. Yes, you heard that right. Tree Elements are yet to be born and they need your help. Let me briefly explain to you what the whole concept is about.

Tree Elements eco-kind retreat

In Rastoke village nearby the Korana river in Croatia, there is 28,000m2 of forest land. One girl had an idea and she decided to make something from empty forest land. With a help of her family, she decided to build three wooden treehouses representing three elements of Nature. Each treehouse will come with a fully-equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a bedroom on the gallery. The best thing? Each house fits up to four people! But there is more!


As I already mentioned, the whole idea is to make a large eco-retreat, a place that will gather nature enthusiasts, travelers, and adventurers who are ready to give in order to get it and be a part of sustainable traveling! All that, made in perfect harmony with Mother Nature. Plastic-free, zero-waste, treehouse retreat! In Tree Elements, you can rent a treehouse, or even the whole property and get married in the forest. You can participate in workshops and find inspiration and in yoga, meditation, and healing retreats or make your own retreat. You can come there with your team and do a team-building session, shoot a movie, a music video, or volunteer and educate…

And plant trees in your sleep!


But why Tree Elements are the kindest treehouses?

Tree Elements idea is all about being kind to nature, and to people. That’s why Tree Elements has partnered with organizations helping abused women and cancer patients, giving them a chance to heal in the forest! What can be better than that!?

How to participate in building the kindest treehouses in Croatia

The campaign is already alive and you still can get the best perks from it! There are plenty of options for everyone who wants to help build Tree Elements and participate in an awesome story of community and conservation of natural and cultural heritage. Ivona, a girl who started this brilliant idea, welcomes both travelers and organizations that help those in need. Book one night and plant a tree while you are sleeping! In other words, for each stay, 1 tree will be planted. Tree Elements are also a little forest revolution! However, there is a lot more on how you can be part of this revolutionary idea! See the Kickstarter Tree Elements eco-kind retreat campaign and learn more about how you can participate!



All in all, I believe we all could do great improvements with small actions. Little by little, we can make this planet great again, with less pollution and with less negative environmental impact. We can still travel big time, but we shall continue to travel smarter! That is why, I do say Tree Elements are the kindest treehouses in Croatia, but probably even in the whole world! The initiative is here, we just have to support it at least with a share button!

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