Hello world, it’s me again! 🙂

The spring is getting closer!

Flowers are starting to smell as well as the scent of new adventures.
Besides, spring is perhaps the best time to visit Amsterdam, until the King’s day (King’s night) when the streets are becoming way more packed with people.

That’s why I will write next few posts about Amsterdam to complete a full guide around the city so you can be sure that you’ll explore Dutch capital properly – as a local. Even better than local!

Actually, in today’s post I’m not going to write anything else. I will just share some awesome photos that will make you book your trip to Amsterdam right away! Or, at least to start following my blog right away! 🙂

So just sit back, relax and enjoy a digital walk around Amsterdam.

Best Amsterdam view on IJ river and EYE film museum
Hotel in Amsterdam: Movenpick during the sunset time
Window reflections during the sunset time in Amsterdam with the view on Amsterdam LOOKOUT
Amazing sunset view over the IJ river in Amsterdam and Amsterdam LOOKOUT
Pink and red colors of sunset in Dutch capital Amsterdam
An amazing red sunset in Amsterdam looking over Central Station and IJ river
Sunset view and a boat on IJ river looking on Amsterdam North
Urban art graffiti and NEMO museum in Amsterdam during the sunset
One of the canals of Amsterdam and houseboats in it
Sunset view on Dutch windmill and a bird
Stay tuned out of focus sign and a sunset colors in the background


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