Discover what does the digital nomad lifestyle looks like and learn how to travel the world & work! So here is all you ever needed to know about the digital nomad lifestyle!

What does it mean to live a digital nomad lifestyle?

A digital nomad lifestyle or a nomadic lifestyle simply means that you are in a constant movement. Your life is in a constant flow. You often move, change locations, and travel. You are not having a fixed home address. Instead, your home is everywhere and nowhere. Today, the digital nomad lifestyle became incredibly popular. In fact, it is growing every single day. Due to global digitalization, many people are location independent. Believe it or not, in 2019 there were 3.2 million digital nomads who switched the traditional jobs.

In 2020, that number went to an extreme of 6.3 million! Are you are aware that we are talking about a 96% increase of nomadic lifestylers/digital nomads in just one year? Indeed, the covid pandemic made those numbers grow. Nevertheless, I bet you agree that this is a massive number! If you are one more person who wants to become location independent and join the group of us – digital nomads, continue reading to learn how to travel the world and work enjoying fully in your digital nomad lifestyle.


What are the advantages of a digital nomad lifestyle:

– Full freedom – although this is a subjective term

– Often traveling, moving, and changing beautiful locations

– Ability to be your own boss – to work whenever you want

– You can plan in advance your vacation, events, etc.

-Freedom to be creative, and to express

– Possibility to work from the comfort of your bed

– You can do anything while working for example eating lol

– If you feel like calling any place in this world your home – you can. Because home is a really feeling – not a place!

– You can ditch unhelpful colleagues and the toxic office environment

– You are able to learn new culture, language, skills, and people – all the time

– Possibility to save money because you can live in low-cost destinations throughout the world

– Ability to invest more time for your hobbies: meditation with open eyes on a daily basis, yoga, exercises, going to the gym, etc.

What are the disadvantages of a digital nomad lifestyle?

Anxiety meaning may become your friend

– To be a digital nomad you have to have organizational skills if you want to have a successful business

– It can be hard to maintain a balanced and a healthy life

– Yes, you can feel lonely quite often

– No time or little time to do essential household activities and things

– Beware that you may experience a lack of the sense that you belong somewhere – not necessarily that bad

– Moving often, carrying things, etc.

– Hard to be productive

– You may work a lot especially in the beginning, more than most people who work at 9-5 jobs

– It may be bothering to have a lack of privacy when living with more people in shared places. For example, your own bed, toilet seat, etc.

– In some places, you may struggle with bad internet connections. You may have breakdowns due to it or due to hard and long work

– Financial and mental stability may suffer

– Steady income is a part of past


The big reveal: How Do Digital Nomads Make Income?

Before embarking on a digital nomad journey, you have to figure out how will you start making money in a digital world. Indeed, it can be super hard to figure out what suits you the best. But first, decide whether you want to work for more people, or you want to open your own company – remote work or entrepreneurship. The good news is, nowadays, many people are turning towards online business because it is way more affordable and cutting physical costs! Without a doubt, there are many digital nomad ways to make income. Do not worry because there is room for you too and everyone else!

Have a look at some of the trendy – most popular digital nomad jobs:

Selling On Amazon

Freelance Writers




Language Education

Website Designers

Virtual Assistants

Creating Online Courses


SEO Agency Work

Software Developers


Customer Service

Here are some of the useful and popular sites to find work as a digital nomad:

– Remote

– Flex Jobs

– Working Traveller

– We Work Remotely

– Upwork

– Fiverr

– SolidGigs

– Indeed

Is it easy to be a digital nomad?

No! Indeed, it is not easy to become and be a digital nomad although it may seem like a perfect job for many. It has its ups and downs, like any other job in this world. Many people struggle to transit from their traditional job to digital nomad jobs. Let’s say you do online research with a question: “How to travel the world?”

Indeed, you will see a lot of results and suggestions telling you how to become a digital nomad. Yet, many of those resources are not really realistic or honest. I would say digital nomad life is for the brave ones because it requires from you certain changes, such as: to live with as little as possible. Nevertheless, as time passes, you learn how to live as a digital nomad, and you realize how little we need to live happily!

The real question is – how to start?

The first thing for you is to calculate and decide how much money you will need to live every month to travel and live in any country you wish. After that, look for remote jobs. Remote jobs will help you to live and work from anywhere in this beautiful world.

What personality types best fit the digital nomad lifestyle?

Beware that digital nomad life is not for all people. It may not even be for you! So before considering a digital nomad lifestyle, you should do the following.

Ask yourself these questions: Am I ready to live a digital nomad life, life on the road, and ditching a steady income? Am I ready to ditch most of the things I have now and to live without all the people I am now living with? Then, am I ready to miss my friends, family, and all I have achieved so far?

Open-minded persons, those who are ready for challenges, are able to get around more easily and accommodate in every setting. If you are that kind of person, then you will feel more or less okay sharing your living space – if needed. In that case, digital nomad life is probably perfect for you!


The best way to do is to try it out! Also, make sure to put enough effort into knowledge and getting all the required skills. The truth is – the more you are eager to learn – the more you will be able to earn. Indeed, education is the key. Education opens many doors, many doors you did not even know existed! 

The digital nomad lifestyle is not for you…

If you are loving your comfort zone till death if you are not an open-minded person and ready for real challenges. On top of that, if you lack any discipline whatsoever, you will have a hard time accommodating into a digital nomad lifestyle. This lifestyle requires you to be your own boss, manager, secretary, and worker at the same time!

Of course, you will have many deadlines, but you will be more comfortable working to accomplish those deadlines from any place, wherever and however, you want. The bad side is: there will be no one who will force your inner worker to do all the obligations regarding your digital nomad work, only you! So if this all already sounds tough for you, then you should reconsider enrolling in a digital nomad lifestyle.

How do you become a digital nomad?

One thing is for sure: there is no such thing as a recipe, or specific formula to become a digital nomad. We all have different stories. Know that what may be worked for me, perhaps may not work the same for you. However, if you are feeling totally lost and have no clue how to become a digital nomad, here are my ten simple steps you can follow.

If you complete those, you can successfully start your journey and make your digital nomad dreams come true!

1. Talk to yourself. See what are your goals, desires, skills, and wishes. What are you willing to do and would you do all it takes to become a digital nomad?

2. Take some time before embarking on this serious journey. So before quitting your current, traditional job, start with reducing your costs, expenses. Make sure to cut materialistic things. Free yourself from unnecessary shopping. Here are the 7 tips on how to save money.

3. Research about locations, and destinations. Learn all about digital nomad-friendly destinations around the world. Some places will be harder to reach, especially in the beginning. It is unlikely to live in the jungle or a desert and be a digital nomad. For example, you have to own a fast and stable internet connection. Keep that in mind. Sure, everything is possible, and sure, you can live almost anywhere, but it will be a LOT harder.

4. Make sure to join all the digital nomad communities on Reddit, Facebook, Linked In, etc.

5. What are your skills? Identify them and improve them.

6. Become an entrepreneur or a freelancer

7. Do research about entrepreneurship. Consider becoming an entrepreneur. Start your own business

8. Think about studying abroad first, or working a traditional job abroad. This can be a terrific way to start and explore your success, and chances once you are abroad.

9. Try to picture your future digital nomad life. Figure out how you want to live in the future.

10. Make sure to create a plan. Try to stick to it. However, always have a backup plan! Planning is half of the work!

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Final thoughts

To wrap it up, if you really want to become a digital nomad and start your location-independent journey, make sure to research well all you need to successfully embark on that journey. Then, start working towards your goal – NOW! Work smart, not hard! Sometimes work hard, but usually, work smart. If you do it all well and work properly, you can already start within a few weeks and quit your 9-5 job! Within a few weeks, you can build a functional and sustainable business that will provide you with a solid income to live from! Indeed, it will take time because all that is great takes time!

But with all the information I provided you, it will be much easier for you to embark on this journey of digital nomad lifestyle and learn more about how to travel the world and how to become a digital nomad! So tell me, what are you waiting for? Start chasing your dreams NOW!

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