A unique company Holzkern came up with the idea to gather people, their time and nature. Their love for mother nature helped developing watches made of wood and stone.

Nowadays, our society runs fast lives. From fast cars, fast food, fast relations to fast technology. It seems almost impossible to take a decent moment and to rest. To set aside time for the outdoors and to enjoy mother nature. But Holzkern unique watches decided to change all of the above.

So that company came up with one idea. To gather people, their time and nature. Their love for mother nature helped developing watches made exclusively of wood and stone. And while there are dozens of other companies that are already manufacturing natural wristwatches, none of them offers what Holzkern offers.

As a matter of fact, this company distinguishes itself from its competition with endless choices and variations of interesting-looking wristwatches. Holzkern unique watches are quirky and stylish at the same time. In this article, I am going to share my thoughts on this amazing company, why I fell in love with their watches, their dedication and an environment-friendly campaign that lasts this month.


The whole idea of the wristwatch started with the very earliest kind of watches in the 16th century. Believe it or not, historically, men used pocket watches until the early years of the 20th century. On the other hand, only women used wristwatches. However, many innovations during the 19th century and the final idea of time zones in Europe and the United States led to increased demand for watches. Moreover, people all around the world started wearing wristwatches.


Up to the present time, almost every single person owns or did own at least one wristwatch. But the increased demand, massive production and environmental pollution that humanity has faced, led to the necessity for much earth-friendly solutions. Luckily, companies such as Holzkern established wristwatches that remind us of the great importance of mother nature.

Whenever you glance at these watches, you will be reminded of at least one outdoor activity such as a camping holiday, hike in the mountains or a dive in the crystal-clear sea. The best thing about Holzkern unique watches? Not a single model is like the other! For instance, when I first stumbled upon their website and the number of models they offer, I was literally blown away! I couldn’t believe my eyes! At the same time, they kindly added a large number of filters that can help you narrow the selection.


“As unique as you” – was a statement that was written inside the wooden box of the Holzkern watch. Small things matter the most and this detail for sure provoked a smile on my face. Then, you open the box and you see your watch made from wood, stone or a combination of both.

I was exploring that for the production of their watches, the Holzkern team uses fine hardwoods from different regions around the world with high-quality types of stone for their dials. It may sound heavy for the wrist but in reality, it is quite a low weight (135g). Indeed, Holzkern unique watches provide a powerful feel. Equally important to mention is the adjustable length of the wristwatch which frankly, you can do by yourself. Holzkern wisely adds all the necessary tools to adjust the wristband material by yourself – with some extra care.

Regardless of the raw materials, the final product is always an elegantly designed watch with a hint of a luxury appearance. All that thanks to the special processing of those raw materials. Plus, Holzkern added reasonable prices for such watches. If you ask me, their unique watches made from wood and stone are a perfect alternative to boring and conventional metal wristwatches. In order to better understand what I am talking about, jump down below to discover in which model I have fallen in love with!


Probably you thought to yourself: “But that is a man’s watch!” If you thought that, you are right! Yes, indeed. I like men’s watches more than women’s watches! Somehow, I was always leaning towards the men design, greater appearance and masculine vibe on my wrist. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Holzkern has a wide range of women’s watches and plenty of choice for every lady! But…I am simply more drawn to the men’s watches. Silly, I know, but it is how it is. 🙂


I have chosen the Gareth Zebrano model mostly because of the unusual type of wood. Zebrano type of wood has this name thanks to its characteristics – dark brown and black stripes pattern that reminds us of the stripes of a zebra. But one more thing makes this wood very special – it is derived from several tree species. In a combination of blue stainless steel, this Zebrano wood wristwatch represents the young knight. One young knight, who, by the legend, made himself a place at Arthur’s round table through a lot of courage and skills.

This awesome-looking watch totally represents me and anyone who loves vivid colours.

This awesome-looking watch totally represents me and anyone who loves vivid colours. It does hold up to sweat and small droplets, but if you want it to last very long, it’s best to take it off during water contact activities. With that being said, I can wear my Gareth at almost any time! Which in fact, is quite important for my endless adventures and exploring the hidden gems across Europe!


  • Case: 45mm diameter, made of zebrawood and stainless steel in brushed blue
  • Dial: Zebrano wood with fine grain
  • Movement: Citizen quartz movement
  • Bracelet: size-adjustable bracelet made of zebrawood and stainless steel in brushed blue (fits every man’s wrist)
  • Innovative Easy-Switch interchangeable bezel system


  • Delivery: 3 – 7 days
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • 24 months guarantee
  • 24-day money-back guarantee
  • Battery life – 2 years


  • your chosen model
  • storage box
  • pad
  • tools & accessories
  • warranty card
  • certificate


For anyone who loves to measure time and activities, the stopwatch is a must! So my pretty Gareth watch includes a stopwatch function with the simple use of two buttons. I can measure time whenever and wherever I want with just two clicks, without opening my phone!


Also, I would like to point out Holzkern’s lovely “HolzkernForest” campaign. Basically, every order WITH THE CODE “HolzkernForest” will get a 5% discount and in cooperation with the Jane Goodall Institute, they will plant a tree in Uganda!! In other words, for every order, this lovely company and the mentioned institute will plant a tree and you will get 5% off on top!

By all means, Holzkern is definitely giving something back to nature and our environment. The best part of this campaign is that we can be part of it too! In this way, together with Holzkern, we ensure that we give a bit of ourselves and our money to support the project goals of climate and environmental protection. Which is, if you ask me, more than important considering how much we are taking from mother nature – for free!


As has been noted, I am truly impressed with the whole Holzkern idea of connecting the raw, natural materials into stylish wristwatch models. If you follow me for a while, you’d know that I am all about nature! Holzkern unique watches are my recommendation to all firstly because of their distinctive appearance. But in the long run, I also think that we humans, as the only aware and responsible living beings, shall choose companies who are beside their great brand, offering some greater value for the environment too. Certainly, Holzkern is one of those companies we all should aim for. So bravo Holzkern, you got yourself another fan for a lifetime!

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