Imagine if you could face your fear of heights or even better, to defeat it!

What if there is someone who already defeated the same fear that you have and wants to share their story to help you!?

You’d probably love to read how!

Luckily for you, I decided to share my story to help all of you who are feeling exactly how I used to feel.

So, let’s start with my view of fear in general.

Fear is, a kind of a blocking feeling that stops individual from taking certain actions in life.

It takes a lot of courage to face the deepest fears.

However, the outcome of defeating them, brings profound self rewarding feeling, but also freedom, joy, excitement, serenity, confidence…

In my previous blog post I was writing lot more about fear in general so feel free to read that one too! 🙂
You see, I was once a totally different person. I had numerous fears and some of them were:

  • fear of heights
  • fear of bugs
  • fear of people
  • fear of public speaking
  • fear of dark

Fortunately, I was always aware of disabilities that my fears are causing me so I never stopped confronting them; furthermore I was always a dreamer too. In my biggest dreams, I was Sky Diving and Bungee Jumping.

For the whole life, I was waiting for a moment to do both. Finally, the day came and I checked off at least Bungee from my bucket list. A day after, I did even Zipline. (Top 5 Reasons to Try Zipline in Croatia)

Those two activities that I’ve done in only 2 days, were the key factors that created a new person that I am today. In this article I will tell you more about Bungee Jumping and how exactly it helped me feel fearless as well the place where I’ve done it.


Bungee Jumping is one of the highest adrenaline pumped activities that someone can experience. It’s a way of free falling where a person jumps from something tall (usually a building, tower or a bridge) and then vertically falls down.

Immediately after the jump, a person is pulled back with elastic bungee rope. The rope is designed to stretch (never to brake) and to bounce the person back up for a few times before it finally stops swinging.

A girl doing Bungee Jumping from Maslenica bridge in Croatia surrounded with Adriatic
Bungee Jumping

Nowadays, Bungee Jumping is lot more popular than ever before. Many tourist destinations are offering bungee as a fun activity while travelling. It is important to always choose the right, secure company that has many years of experience in that field.

I did my first, unforgettable Bungee Jump in Croatia over Maslenica bridge with a help of guys from Izazov Tours.

Maslenica bridge in Croatia with Adriatic sea around, cliffs and pine trees
Maslenica bridge in Croatia
Extraordinary view over Adriatic sea and mountains in Croatia from Maslenica bridge and Bungee Jumping platform
Extraordinary view from Maslenica bridge and Bungee Jumping platform


Everyone, especially if it’s their first time, gets that slight hesitation before the jump and that is totally normal.

But after looking up to those incredible views of the Adriatic with cliffs emerging from the crystal clear sea and mountains that feel pretty surreal, you imagine yourself as a bird that is fully ready to dive into the beautiful scene that seems painted.

The view opposite from Bungee Jumping platform looking on crystal clear Adriatic sea
The view opposite from Bungee Jumping platform looking on crystal clear Adriatic sea

When I finally jumped (and I did it faster than I expected I would), my body turned fully into exhilarating feeling and nothing else than that.

It was a feeling of full weightlessness and freedom, euphoria, pride and awe with zillion other feelings and sensations.

I believe that even if I write all the possible feelings, I could never be able to describe it well.

An extreme activity such as Bungee is a must do action that can only be well experienced, not well described.

Bungee is unlike other sports because there’s no need to take certain classes and lessons before the real action. All you have to do is to carefully follow all the necessary instructions provided by your instructor. I have to say that instructor I was given was very professional and experienced man who was also extremely funny and that gave me more courage too.

What can ease the fear more than a humor in scary situations?

I’ve seen there is another Bungee location in Croatia over Sibenik bridge too and that one is only 10 meters smaller than Maslenica.

Nevertheless, I advise you to choose guys from Izazov Tours because I already tested their service and I was more than happy with what I got. It is important to mention that you can only pay with cash, no cards.

PRICE: 500,00 HRK per person which is around € 65,00

Maslenica bridge in the distance from where I was doing Bungee Jumping
Maslenica bridge in the distance from where I was doing Bungee Jumping


Bungee Jumping is all about confronting the fears, testing your bravery and love for extreme sports, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful about lowering the risks and negative effects that can affect on your well-being.

You shouldn’t do Bungee if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Heavy psychological problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Neurological issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Any heart diseases
  • Orthopedic problems
  • If you are a drug or alcohol addict and if you were taking any of those before planning to do Bungee

As long as you don’t have any of the above-mentioned facts, you are perfectly fine to go for a Bungee.

A girl preparing to bungee jump from Maslenica bridge in Croatia on a beautiful sunny day
Right before THE jump 🙂




Perhaps you were watching tons of Bungee accidents but the main characteristic to all of them is: not following the instructions and jumping with bad companies together with their not enough tested equipment.

I did listen to my instructor, but somehow during the jump, I forgot about half of what has been said. When you jump, you should jump as far as you can (pretty same like the cliff jumping into the sea) and you should keep your hands spread all the time without touching anything in any single point.

I wasn’t following any of those instructions fully, so after jumping head down, the rope pulled me back up into itself and scratch me on the second fall.

Of course, I got even more scared in already exciting and thrilling action like that so I started using my hands trying to somehow hold myself or who knows what my plan was but not following instructions, led me to a pretty solid bruise which frankly, could be even deadly if I was less lucky.

Red bruise on biceps from bungee jumping rope
A large bruise from bungee jumping

As has been noted, I was still enjoying fully my bungee experience and I would definitely do it again.

All things considered, pluck up your courage, follow the instructions and have the best experience of your lifetime doing Bungee Jumping!

Small boat on Adriatic sea still tied with a bungee rope
After you jump from Maslenica bridge, the guy from a Bungee Jumping company picks you up in a small boat, untie all and tells you to remain calm and to lay for few minutes. Did I mention that you have to climb all the way back up on foot? (56m)
But trust me, after doing Bungee, it’s a piece of cake!


I believe that confronting any kind of fear is the best way to overcome it. Actually, you should get more familiar with your fears and eventually with yourself.

On the contrary, fear is good to a certain point, but if it starts stopping you from life experiences and chances, you definitely should consider working on it on a slightly extremer way.

See it like this: imagine it’s apocalypse and somehow you ended up on a high cliff. The only way to save yourself is to move slowly along the edge of the cliff to the end point. If you are much afraid of heights, you’d probably stay there and die, poop yourself in your pants or start having panic attack that will lead you falling in a pit down the cliff.

Maybe my imagination is huge, but I rather choose to be a brave person in this life, than to be a coward. I am not saying that you should check every edge of this world and put yourself in extremely dangerous situations, but you definitely should free yourself while you are still here.

A freeing feeling that extreme experiences are providing, usually take you to a level of great confidence where you start to feel like nothing is impossible. It’s not far from the truth, I must say.

Bungee Jumping convinced me that only sky is the limit and only feelings are real. Moments too!

Because, no one ever thought of that pink dress or shiny suit that he bought in their thirties.

Statistically, most of the people in their time of dying, regret of not living fully. Don’t be one of them.


‟You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.”



Bungee Jumping diploma from Maslenica bridge in Croatia
With Izazov Tours, you even get a proper Bungee Jumping diploma.

If you are adrenaline lover or if you liked this post, make sure to follow my blog because in the next article I will write more about another extreme activity: Zipline in Croatia.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see a new video of my Bungee Jumping that is coming soon together with some more tips.:)

Stay safe and productive,

Lots of love,


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This Post Has 17 Comments

  1. KeepLifeStylish

    Oh Wow , Well Done ! Trying to go beyond my fear but so far have managed zip line and hot air balloon. Hopefully one day with manage the crazy jump ?

    1. Thank you girl! It takes a bit of mind operating to overcome it. Bunger jumping will definitely help you a lot, if not the first time, try another time! ??❤

  2. Winds of Jane

    Great job! Like you, I’m also scared of heights. But I overcame it through hikes and travels. I had my first experience in Mexico when we were zip lining. I’ve never done bungee jumping before but it’s on my list – one day.

  3. Katherine

    This is amazing! But I’d be lying if I said that my breath didn’t catch in my throat when I saw that bungee jumping picture. Heights are not my thing, to the point where I was close to the summit of a peak in Tasmania when I was basically paralysed with fear and started crying. One of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

    1. Oh dear Katherine! Don’t be embarrassed! I had similar situations too through my life so that’s why I wanted to share this because it really helped me to finally overcome that fear and panic attacks after almost 24 years! You can do it!

  4. travelonthereg

    I’ve been skydiving, but I don’t know what it is about bungee…it just completely freaks me out. Great tips!

    1. Thank you for reading and congrats for skydiving! I wish to do it. So next adrenaline goal for me is skydiving and yours bungee? 🙂

  5. Viktoria Urbanek

    I have a big fear of heights in some situations. I tried bungee jumping and it was the worst for me. I would never ever do it again. Not if I got paid for doing it. I still enjoy skydiving a lot and would love to do it more often!

    1. Thank you dear Viktoria and bravo for trying both although you are afraid of heights in certain situations! I am sad you had a bad kind of experience with bungee! To me, both Zipline and Bungee helped a lot in overcoming my fear and panic attacks towards heights.

  6. themigrantyogi

    Wow, good for you! I could never! Hahah! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. Julie

    You are so brave! I just don’t think I can bungee jump. I wish I had the guts to do it, though.

    1. Thank you dear Julie! I was there too, but somehow I collected strength and I did it. Today, it’s one of the best experience I have ever done! But I understand not everyone can do it. I hope one day you will be able <3

  8. Louise

    Wow! Well done, such a great achievement. I don’t have a fear of heights as such but I don’t think I would be brave enough to do a bungee, so well done 🙂 awesome!

  9. Miriam Menkarius

    I am also afraid of heights and I really wish I could overcome it one day. I was scared on the bus up the hill to Montserrat and I was anxious on Tower Bridge. And I have never bungee jumped! One day!

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