Tripod is a great gadget and a must photography item that helps you capture the ideal pictures in basically all circumstances. Well, maybe not only during the huge storms, yet depends how sturdy your tripod is (GorillaPods are great for bad weather conditions).

Click on the photo to explore GorillaPod

Lets just forget about the storms as storms are every photographers nightmare. Tripods are usually made from aluminum but there are whole bunch of models and kinds on todays market.

The main use of tripod is to prevent camera movement which provides stability and results in achieving maximum SHARPNESS.

Many people still think tripods are only for professionals which is totally false. I am not going to talk in this blog post how tripods are necessary for every professional photographer because every professional already has at least one. Instead, I will explain you why tripod is a great solution for everyone in order to preserve the best photo memories that actually look decent and that are eventually usable for social medias, printing etc.


I think we all have at least one photo from a certain place that looks bad that we wish we have done it better. Actually, we know we could done it better. Well, this is the main reason why you should get a tripod. Simply, you are less likely to have dozens of bad photos which in the end, saves time of deleting those and scrolling all over your albums.

This great gadget will help you achieve not only sharpness but also precise framing of the image. One of the most important reasons to add, you will also have more time to think about the shoot you are taking, not just take snaps and pray they end up good.  

Taking time to shoot brings a certain amount of concentration on the lighting of your subjects. One more reason to add, you can finally forget about bothering strangers and asking them to take a photo of you or placing your phone and camera on the rocks, books or basically anything you find around you that can actually damage your gear.
A tripod only takes seconds to erect and adjust. ⠀



  • It helps your phone/ camera to be steady (no hand shakiness) especially when taking night time shots (low light), close ups – MAKES SUPER SHARP IMAGES or when you use telephoto lenses
  • It helps with video making, it is essential for making time lapses⠀and sport (movement) photography
  • It helps create great astrophotography (full moon photos for example) and nature (landscape) photography when your perfect shot depends on seconds (wild nature, birds flying etc.)
  • It is adjustable, flexible and helps shoot from various angles helping you spark your creativity⠀
  • It will make you look serious (I had people approaching me and asking me: “Do you work on TV?” lol) ⠀⠀


  • Extra gear to carry, it can be heavy and annoying to open and close all the time⠀
  • In some indoor places (usually museums and galleries) you are not allowed to bring tripod (unless you have a written permission)⠀


Tripods have good and bad sides like everything in this world. HOWEVER, there are more advantages then disadvantages about tripod so you DEFINITELY SHOULD GET ONE. Luckily, today there are plenty cheap but worth models.


For beginning, I advise you to choose lighter and affordable tripod with Bluetooth remote shutter and a carrying, waterproof bag. You could also order Bluetooth remote shutter apart without a tripod, but I advise you to buy it all together – it saves money. Bluetooth remote shutter is like a remote control that connects via Bluetooth to your IOS or Android device enabling you to control your devices shutter release and capture pictures from up to 10m.

Explore Bluetooth remote shutter


If you start doing more professional photography or you just feel like you are ready to invest more money, get a sturdier one.⠀I bought my sturdy Peyou tripod a year ago on Amazon for around 25 dollars and I am still happy with it. It is not like a Gorillapod but it serves me well. It comes with Bluetooth remote shutter, phone holder and a carrying case bag. My tripod is not only a camera tripod but also a phone tripod! It’s called PEYOU and you can see more about it by clicking on the photo below.⠀

See my Peyou tripod

Peyou tripod in Salona Croatia
My PEYOU TRIPOD from my shooting day in Salona, Croatia

There are many more tripods out there with an amazing features such as LED ring tripod with light which is the best choice for YouTube video makers or make-up bloggers. Before getting any, I advise you to do a research and clarify your needs. I am always here to help with some additional information!

Tripod with a LED light perfect for live streaming, YouTube videos, Make up tutorials etc

See how tripod helped me in my solo travel in Valencia when I was exploring street art or when I was solo travelling back to my hometown Solin in Croatia.

Do you use tripod and which one? What is your experience with tripod? Or you still make photos on an old fashioned way – with a timer and asking strangers to take pictures of you (Asians preferably)? ⠀


TRIPOD I USE: https://amzn.to/2YhUcpA

BATTERY CHARGER: https://amzn.to/3hbMma2

BACKPACK: https://amzn.to/3h9FIkz

MEMORY CARD 1: https://amzn.to/2BH5lIZ

MEMORY CARD 2: https://amzn.to/37c3Yhe

MEMORY CARD 3 : https://amzn.to/37obh5L

PHONE CAMERA: https://amzn.to/3dKdtXz

CAMERA: https://amzn.to/2BGhC0k

RECHARGABLE BATTERIES: https://amzn.to/2Yhkpom

GOPRO: https://amzn.to/2zkV7xm

Full moon photo I made with a Nikon Coolpix L110 and Peyou tripod



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This Post Has 60 Comments

  1. chelsea

    I actually have the LED ring one and use it all the time! i use it to make videos as well as just to hold my phone to face time people!! haha
    I need a real tripod too though!

    1. Thank you for reading Chelsea! Oh definitely, tripod will change your life, it is so much easier with it!

  2. Taylor

    This is a great guide Valentina! Tripods are my best friend when I am solo traveling. I also have the gorilla pod too and used it when I went to Disney by myself. 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading Taylor!
      Indeed! Tripods are must for solo travelling otherwise you end up bothering people haha.

  3. lmonitz

    Great reccs, I need a better one mine keeps blowing over haha.

    1. Thank you dear! Haha definitely! Gorilla is the best for storm as far as I know but also a bit pricey.

  4. Shelley Marmor

    I have been considering a GorillaPod tripod for sooooo long!! But now I see that I really do need one. Thanks, your blog helped me make up my mind.

  5. jillhudkins

    This looks awesome. I’m going to go check it out because I can’t find a tripod I’m comfortable with.

  6. thebratpackergals

    We have the 1st tripod you talked about! We like to be backpack only girls and it is very packable and super convenient because we can twist it around light poles and move it in any which way in order to get a good angle! The Bluetooth remote is the best!!!! I would tell everyone to get one.

    1. Thank you for reading girls! You are lucky, I am planning to get Gorilla one for a long time. Also, I def agree with a Bluetooth remote!

  7. MG

    Oh my gosh yes, I agree with everything in this post! I love traveling with a tripod and I don’t think I’ve ever traveled without mine. The weight is a definite downside though, especially if you’re already paying extra for luggage!

    1. Thanks for reading! Agreed! However, I always carry it on my shoulder (I got a carrying bag with Peyou) or in my backpack so it’s not that much heavy! 🙂

  8. Debjani Lahiri

    This is absolutely a must needed post for my knowledge upgrade on tripod.. As I am about to get one ..thanks for bringing this up

  9. madhuonthego

    That’s a very informative article..tripod is really important and this came I. Right time as I wanted to buy one.

    1. I am so glad to hear that and I am even happier if my article was helpful! 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  10. musamikaela

    Nice tips! Everything you listed down are true and tripods are really handy especially when you want to shoot sharper images

  11. Cosette

    Great read, I need a better tripod and one that’s also suited for an Iphone.

  12. Bliss

    Love your suggestions. Tripods can make all the difference with travel photography.

  13. Grace

    I definitely need a tripod in my life! Especially as a solo traveller. Thanks for this article and all the tips ?

  14. Tina

    So many great tripod suggestions! I love the gorilla, but would love to try the PEYOU tripod next.

    1. Thank you for reading Tina! I love Peyou especially because it is sooo afordable yet sturdy enough!

  15. Mayuri Patel

    This is very informative post and some great recommendations for photography.

  16. rebeccatoy

    I feel like you MIGHT have been reading my mind last weekend. I was trying to do a photoshoot solo. After trying to maneuver my Bluetooth remote selfie stick with all sorts of props I realized it was time to be a big girl and just invest in the tripod already. Thanks for all of the great tips!

    1. Hahaha could be! 🙂 I am glad my post was helpful to you! Definitely get a tripod, it will save you loads of time and you will be able to make a proper solo photos.

  17. mohanaandaninda

    We’ve actually considered going for a tripod quite a few times now. In hindsight, many of our mobile camera photos could have turned out better had we used one. And the Gorillapod looks extremely sturdy, maybe we’ll go for that!

    1. Gorilla is indeed the best if you ask me. I still look for more or less affordable options.

  18. kirsten wendlandt

    This is such a useful post! Honestly tripods are so handy. I have two! I don’t know what I would do without mine.

  19. I legit need a tripod at the moment so this is perfect! I’m tempted by a gorilla pod but I’m not sure if I want something a bit bigger and sturdier…

    1. Thank you Clazz! Gorilla is great for storms, windy and unstable weather while Peyou is great anyways but might not be so stable when is a bad weather…

  20. Katie Diederichs

    I have the Joby tripod and really like it because of how easy it is to travel with. It’s definitely not adequate for all situations, but it usually does the trick! Great list of alternatives!

  21. nadinearab

    Great points you have covered up there! A tripod really makes a difference.. I prefer those small gorilla pods!

  22. Raksha Nagaraj

    I carry tripods when I am traveling. I do have one each for my camera and phone. I would love to buy Gorilla pod though. Will have a look at options.

  23. Sandra

    Thank you for this! I’m looking to get one myself – found this article really helpful:)

  24. Urban Wanders

    I was actually considering buying a tripod and now I am convinced that it’s a necessity!

  25. Natalie

    As a solo traveler, I found a tripod to be really handy! I just got a super cheap one a few years and it broke really easily, so this one looks like like a good investment!

    1. Definitely you should get one sturdier and a bit more expensive. I am still happy with Peyou as it is still working, did not broke at all plus I even have a remote shutter. Well, see, but def invest a bit more money and it will last much longer. I have mine for more than a year. 🙂

    2. True! This is one is really great, works for me perfectly more than a year. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  26. Linn

    Great post! I took way too long to get a tripod, but now I hardly go anywhere without it! It’s certainly the best camera gear investment ever!

  27. tayaramuse

    I really need to take this advice! I usually just prop my DLSR on whatever high surface I can find. Usually narrow fences, windows or dusty surfaces (always feels dangerous). But i get lazy about lugging around a tripod all day. Thanks for the post – it’s time to invest in one!

    1. Very welcome, thank you for reading! Once you get it, you will realize how awesome it is! Highly recommended! I was the same where you are, but now, less stress and more! 🙂

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