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El Fangar shown on Google Maps

This post consists of two parts: a brief introduction about The Delta de l’Ebre natural park and El Fangar peninsula/its beach with some useful tips before you decide to come here. The main focus is on El Fangar beach and its semi-desert dazzling appearance that will absolutely blow your mind! I would dare to say that Fangar is one of the most beautiful natural areas of Tarragona but also the whole Catalonia, protected, and still kept as a secret. After reading this, I bet you will be dying to come here!


The Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park is one of the most spectacular places in Catalonia. I have never visited the area with as many birds as here. Rich flora and fauna, rice fields, sand dunes, river Ebro and long, golden beaches are the main characteristics of this natural park. It is the largest protected wetland area in Catalonia with a total of 7,736 hectares.

El Fangar bay with sand and sea in contrast

The Delta is completely flat so you can enjoy the nature on foot, by bike, on horseback, by canoe or by KAYAK. I mentioned how this area has rich flora and fauna, but I also want to share some numbers so you can have a clearer picture. There are 800 different species of flora, from which reeds, reed beds, eucalyptus, and river honeysuckle are the most notable! 

A girl observing Flamingos in their natural habitat from Mirador de la Tancada
Observing flamingos in their natural habitat from Mirador de la Tancada (bring binoculars or observe them from close by museum)

The fauna of the Delta is full of birds and attracts bird lovers and birdwatchers from all around the world (here is one! 🙂 

A board of different kind of birds in Delta Ebro
Some species of birds in this area

You can find here between 50,000 and 100,000 specimens of exactly 343 species of birds – even flamingos! (see Mirador de la Tancada)


El Fangar is a peninsula the same as The Banya from the other side (see the map below of the unique Delta appearance). Fangar enters the sea to the north of the mouth of the Ebro, in front of Fangar Bay. Its radiant beauty of the extensive coastal line that includes the best-constructed sand and dune system of the Delta reminded me of a Sahara desert.

The view on sand dunes and footsteps in El Fangar peninsula

No, I have never seen a desert but I’ve seen a semi-desert for the first time exactly here!



By a definition, a semi-desert is an arid area that has some of the characteristics of a desert but has greater annual precipitation. These areas are extremely dry the same as regular deserts but what distinguishes them from deserts are rains and sparse vegetation.

A girl in the middle of semi-arid-desert near the sea

I was not only impressed by all those sand dunes and their softness but the fact that this area is a place where the breeding of marine birds occurs.

Fangar is also a refuge and feeding area for migratory aquatic bird species and many areas are restricted so you definitely should respect it and stay away. That is why you should bring binoculars together with your camera so you have a chance to observe those tiny birds from the distance.

Affordable Binoculars Pro Binoculars

The Fangar peninsula is about 6 km long and 3 km wide and a place called “Punta del Fangar” (Fangar Tip) is its end.

I advise you to put on some comfortable shoes which you should take off in some part to feel an incredible sand softness under your feet, bring plenty of water, a cap or a hat (no shade) some food and sun cream of 40 SPF at least! Keep in mind that this place does not have any services along the path!

Grey Adidas Gazelle sneakers on the sand beach
Leave the sneakers, walk barefoot!
My Adidas Gazelle Sneakers Suncream That I Use
A girl in the Mediterranean sea on the sand beach

It took us two-hour (about 6 to 7 km in total) to reach this lovely looking lighthouse. We walked one hour to get there and one hour back to our car so make sure you don’t start around noon or the similar times of the day when the sun is too strong (choose the morning or afternoon).

Cars or scooters are not allowed here so don’t think that you will cut some walking time haha. Perhaps, you can cycle here, but to me, it seems super hard to cycle on the sand, even harder than cycling on snow which I did in Amsterdam!

Sand dunes of El Fangar Peninsula

This route is not complicated, maybe a bit long but the views are extraordinary so it is totally worth it! You can even take the whole family here especially children – they will love it!

A girl on the yellow sand beach in Catalonia, Deltebre

The sea was turquoise blue in some parts although we had some grey clouds, I still could see its true beauty. We had a windy day and the sea wasn’t so warm so I skipped swimming this time. If it’s a warmer day, take a swim to refresh yourself so it’s easier to continue walking! You will be impressed with the contrast of the dunes and with the sea.

The contrast of the sand dunes and the sea in El Fangar peninsula of Delta Ebro natural park in Catalonia

Unfortunately, Catalonia suffered from huge tragedy in January: a huge storm called Gloria destroyed even sand dunes and now they are not so big anymore liked they used to be. Lucikly, this area recovered more or less but you can still spot the results of Mother Nature’s force.

However, many sand dunes still exist and they are gorgeous! Actually, I moved to Catalonia a bit before those storms and floods and I must say – it was terrible and I could not sleep during the night at all!

The Fangar lighthouse is the most recognizable part of this place. It is very picturesque and “instagrammable” so you can play around and make some nice photos. If you want to climb to the next level, wear something that will match with the colors of the lighthouse or some bright, contrast colors so you can pop up.

The Fangar lighthouse is not the only thing here that can help you make great photos. You can play with the sand too! I am not a professional, but I am very creative so I ended up with around 1500 photos after this day haha.

PRO TIP: Pay attention from where the wind blows because you might end up with the sand all over your face! This is exactly what happened to me! I advise you to stay here for the sunset because it’s captivating!

If you have some clouds like we had, you can be sure that the sunset will impress you with its colors!

You know how they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words

Now sit back and enjoy some more photos of this impressive place (and me haha)…

Sunset view on sand dunes in Fangar peninsula in Catalonia
The contrast of the sea and sand with a girl in an orange dress  that smiles
The sunset view of Fangar peninsula
The sunset view in Delta Ebro natural park in Catalonia

If you want some more ideas in this area, see my MIRAVET CASTLE post or HIKING TO LA FORADADA!

To make sharper photos, I advise you to use a TRIPOD!

My Peyou tripod with Bluetooth remote


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